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Home Remedies to Increase Platelet Count

Platelets are small and lightest section of blood cells that play an important role in human body and especially for blood clotting. These platelets circulate in blood with an average lifespan of 5 to 9 days. A healthy person has between 150,000 and 450,000 per microliter of blood. A low count in platelet can lead to various health problems that can further cause serious health problems.

Home remedies to increase platelet count

In order to live a healthy life and increase the platelet count, let us look at some of the home remedies

  • Eat colorful vegetables and fruits

Consumption of food rich in Vitamin E and C that boost the immune system can help in maintain the platelet count. Berries, oranges, green leafy vegetables, kiwis prove to be effective to increase the count. In addition, fruits and vegetables that include phytonutrients neutralize free radical that helps to fight the problem of low platelets.


  • Beetroot juice and carrot juice

This is another home remedy that can help you increase the platelet count. All you need to do is add 2 or 3 tablespoons of beetroot juice in carrot juice and mix it well. The intake of this mixture 2 times a day can boost the platelet count in just few days.


  • Papaya and its Leaves Extract

People who wish to increase the platelet count in just 2 or 3 days can try this home remedy. You can place the papaya leaves in a kettle to wash it thoroughly and heat it on a medium flame to get the extract. People who do not like the flavor of papaya can add lemon juice in papaya juice and consume it at least three times in a day for quick results.


  • Spinach and Tomato

People who simply do not like papaya in any form can use spinach. All you need to do is boil fresh spinach leaves and add half glass of tomato juice in it. This mixture proves to be very effective for increasing the platelet count.


  • Pumpkin and Honey

This is another great home remedy that can help you improve the platelet count in your body. You can take 5 to 6 slice of pumpkin and make a juice out of it. You can then add 2 teaspoon of honey in the juice to simply improve the taste and make it edible. Make fresh juice every time you wish to consume this juice to get quick results.


  • Drink room temperature water

Blood cells are usually made of water and protein, drinking cold water can affect your digestive tract and greatly impact the absorbing power. Hence, drink water that is of room temperature can help you produce more blood cells and eventually improve the platelet count.


  • Exercise

Regular exercise along with cardiovascular workouts will boost blood circulation in your body. This will further help in improving the immune system and lead to increase in platelet count.

You can certainly try these home remedies to quickly improve the platelet count and live a healthy life ahead.


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